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ARIES-A recent loss or accident may be causing you some stress. Weight current decisions carefully to avoid fraud or deception. Join a club or partake of a social event if you are feeling lonely or cut off from others. You will be a welcome addition to any party or social group. Face the fears that are holding you back. Good fortune is headed your way. You've never felt as professionally satisfied as you do today. Paying attention to others' ideas and requests will help you in the long run. Expressing the right idea at the right place and at the right time is the real challenge. If you wish to embark upon anything this is the day and now is the moment.

TAURUS-Affairs of the heart may be complicated right now, with a relationship in peril of ending. Do what you can to salvage the connection but be ready to let go if needed. Work is richly rewarding right now, with your hard work finally being noticed. A raise or a promotion may now be yours. Dream big today. Plan your journeys…


ARIES-Your focus is on networking and connecting with others right now. Social interactions, through groups or club, may prove yourself in the long term. You may have an increase in funds right now but avoid being careless or overspending. Accidents or thefts can be avoided by being cautious and aware of your settings. You may feel like the reins of life are beyond your control. You are waiting for others to notice your talents and poise. Share your ideas and go after the success you seek. If Plan A doesn't work, remember that there are 25 other letters in the alphabet!

TAURUS-Affairs of the heart may prove complex right now. A relationship may be ending. Embrace the inevitability of change and look ahead to new opportunities. This is a moment when your leadership skills really shine. Newfound freedom empowers you at all levels. Spiritually and intellectually you feel free. An adventure or task breaks the monotony of recent days. Avoid rash decisions. You are at your best when yo…


ARIES-Sudden domestic trouble may arise now, perhaps stemming from a theft or accident. This setback is temporary, as good fortune will soon be yours. Enjoy leisure time with a friend or sibling. Network opportunities may arise so allow your charm to show through. Out of the blue, something may change the direction of your current situation, leading to prosperity and growth. Overseas connections could lead to new professional alliances. Fascinating people may accompany you on travel leading to longstanding camaraderie. Use tact to keep the peace in friendships. The closer you are to a person, the more vital kindness and courtesy become.

TAURUS-Your hard work has earned you some rewards. Enjoy the newfound glory and recognition. Be sure to also be attentive to domestic affairs. A relationship or children may be in need right now.
Yesterday I dared to struggle; today I dare to win. This describes your current situation aptly. Obstacles give way to opportunities and success will come yo…


ARIES- Some time alone may be needed after the excitement of recent days. Recup from all your socializing by getting extra rest and attending to your physical and mental well being. Spend time with elders who may have spiritual insights to offer. The usual focal points of your life leave you cold. New values and concerns are imminent, perhaps gained through travel, a mentor or a distant relative. Overcome world-weariness as you have responsibilities to face.

TAURUS-Worldly pursuits appeal to you immensely right now. You are the life of the party wherever you go. Enjoy the successes of recent days with friends and family but be sure to take precautions. Accidents or thefts may occur if you party to extreme. Your aura of success and charm is visible, especially where love and money are involved. You may be drawn into finances pursuits, perhaps joint ventures or collaborations. Use all your charm and tact to get things going to your satisfaction. Gentle persuasion is more useful than a …